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In the dynamic world of rap and music production, artists face the challenge of maximizing their reach and showcasing their unique creative voice. Our artist agency focuses on ten key strategies to nurture talent and enhance their presence in the rap music scene.

Freestyles and rap snippets form the beginning, sharing short clips of impressive freestyles or unique rap lyrics. This gives viewers a taste of the artists' extraordinary skills. Including behind-the-scenes insights provides an exclusive look into the music creation process, whether it's studio recordings, songwriting sessions, or insights into beat production. Artists participate in rap-related projects, engage in current trends, and showcase their creativity in Redgames text and flow challenges. Interviews and Q&A sessions in our D.A.T.A and D.M.T. projects offer the opportunity to show the personal side of the artists, answer fans' questions, and even conduct short interviews with other artists.
Visual aesthetics play a central role, and through the redweb app, every artist has the opportunity to generate their own PR One Pages. Use this opportunity to professionally showcase your lifestyle. A glimpse into the daily lives of artists creates a personal connection with fans, from hobbies to sources of inspiration.

Achievements and milestones are celebrated, whether it's the release of new songs, reaching certain goals, or participating in exciting projects. Collaborations with other artists are also promoted by sharing short clips of joint projects. The Redweb Club offers Workshop Days every Sunday in the studio where you can meet and exchange with artists from your city directly in the studio. You can also participate in the REDTAPES project and collaborate with various artists to get free professional audio recordings and video productions. Rap tutorials provide valuable insights into techniques such as songwriting, beat production, and rap performance. Not only a showcase of skills but also an insight into the creative process. If you learned something new during the Workshop Days at the Redweb Club, share it with your community as a short story or reel.
Fan interaction is at the forefront, actively involving fans in the videos. Their questions are answered, comments are read, and fan art is shared. Don't just limit yourself to answering comments but respond to your fans' questions by starting a talk session at the Redweb Club by recording a D.M.T. episode.

In this dynamic environment, our projects play a central role. The Redweb Club serves as a central hub for all artists who want to showcase their art in various forms. The Redweb app enables seamless interaction, from publishing articles to managing projects.

The Operation Virus project offers an alternative perspective, while the Hypnagogia project explores the fascinating world of NFTs in the Redverse. The myinfo website makes it easy to share your art, while the RedPiiX studio covers visual projects and the SpiegelBild studio covers audio projects in a wide range.

By combining artistic expression and innovative projects, our agency offers a comprehensive platform to enrich the rap scene and support artists on their path to success.

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Redweb Club

On the main page, you will find all articles and links to various projects as well as access to your profile and avatar. Navigate in the menu bar to reach the respective project areas.

Your Redweb App

Once you have logged in through the login area of the main page,, you will enter your personal area. Navigate to your name in the menu bar at the top of the page to use your app. Here you can:

  • Write and publish new articles/posts/PR Onepages;
  • Search for other club members, browse through their posts, and view their avatar and items;
  • Upload and share files in your RedSpace Cloud;
  • View and manage your current projects;
  • View your billing and loot box history.

Your Avatar in the Redverse

Once you have logged in through the login area of the main page,, you will enter your personal area. Navigate to your name in the menu bar at the top of the page and then select "My Avatar".

In your avatar area, you have access to your collected items. You can trade them with friends at any time on the Red Market. All information about leveling up, such as the tasks you and your avatar need to complete to win certain loot boxes, are available here.

The Dirtyswan project is the artist portal of the Redweb Club. Here you will find artists of all kinds who present their art in the form of linktrees. On the website, you will also find all our artist interviews, from D.A.T.A. (Dialogue Artist Talk Art) to D.M.T. (Deep Music Talk). You will also find all Redgames games and streaming playlists.

If you already have a linktree and want to edit it or create a new one, open your Redweb app and navigate to the "My Landing Pages" menu. If you are interested in participating in one of our Redgames or a DATA/DMT interview, contact us. All our contacts can be found on under the Contacts menu.

The Operation Virus project is a portal where you can find alternative news. It includes posts on topics such as personal development, philosophy, financial freedom, and our YouTube video series from #GDK #AS #WDS to #IIEFW to #TL talk rounds, in which you can participate at any time.

The Hypnagogia project is the platform around the Redverse. Here you will find all information about the NFTs from the Redweb Club. The first collection "The Hypnagogia Guardian" is already available. More information can be found on

If you as an artist are interested in future technologies or collaborate with the SBS or RedPiiX studio, secure your "Hypnagogia Guardian" NFT today.

The myinfo website hosts all OnePages of the Redweb Club and allows you to share your art with the world. To harness the power of for yourself, you just need to write and publish a post in your Redweb app. Through your blog, you can display each of your posts as a OnePage and share them anywhere.

The RedPiiX studio is your go-to for all visual projects. From photos to graphic design to creating covers and shooting videos, the RedPiiX studio offers a variety of services.

The SpiegelBild studio is your go-to for all audio projects. Whether it's sound recording, mixing, or mastering – the SB studio offers a variety of services in a space of over 200m². Our large recording booth is also set up for rock bands.