Glad to have you here while we redesign our website! We have a clear plan for the future and invite you to explore it with us. On our site, you will find not only updates on our progress but also a detailed roadmap that shows our vision.

For our long-standing customers, nothing changes in the quality of our services: the proven Redgames for artists, custom development of web applications for entrepreneurs, targeted marketing for artists and businesses, as well as our informative online courses on financial freedom, remain an integral part of our offering.

During the first phase of our roadmap, we are temporarily not accepting new registrations on the Redweb app. However, if you are interested in becoming part of the new Redweb Club, we invite you to join our Discord and/or Telegram community. There, you can actively participate in the development and gain exclusive beta access to the Redweb members' area.

Phase I Branding redesign

In Phase I, we will redesign our brand image to create a fresh and appealing presence that clearly communicates our values and offerings. This includes revamping the logo, color palette, typography, and other visual elements to create a coherent identity that represents our company.

2024 Q2 - website overhaul.

2024 Q3 - Partner websites overhaul.

2024 Q4 - Social networks setup and content production.

2025 Q1 - Community promo phase.

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Redweb Site


Partner Sites


Social Network


PR Content

Phase II Community

In Phase II, we will actively work on building a vibrant and engaged community that appeals to and involves our target audience. This includes using various platforms and channels to share content, spark discussions, gather feedback, and build a community of supporters and customers who share our mission.

2025 Q2 - Engaging the community through targeted content release on various platforms.

2025 Q3 - Setting up Q&A sessions.

2025 Q4 - Implementing community feedback.

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Community Feedback

Phase III Team Building & Partner Search

In Phase III, we will expand our team and look for strategic partners who can support us in achieving our goals. This includes recruiting professionals with the necessary skills and experience, as well as identifying collaboration opportunities with other companies or organizations to expand our network and create synergies.

2026 Q1 - Involve loyal community members in the project

2026 Q2 - Seek strategic partners.

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Strategic Partners

Phase IV Promo Phase & Customer Acquisition

In Phase IV, we will intensify our marketing and sales activities to increase our visibility and attract new customers. This includes developing and implementing advertising campaigns, offering special promotions or discounts, participating in trade shows or events, and targeting potential customers to spark their interest and convince them of our offerings.

2026 Q3 - Customer-oriented promo phase.

2026 Q4 - Reach 100 customer projects.

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100 Customers

Phase V Event & Community Reward

In Phase V, we will host special events and activities to reward and strengthen our community. This can include organizing exclusive events, contests, or special offers for our most loyal customers or supporters to honor their loyalty and keep them engaged as dedicated ambassadors of our brand.

2027 Q1 to Q2 - Event planning with the community.

2027 Q3 & Q4 - Event Season 1.

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Event Creation


Event Season 1