• What is the HYPNAGOGIA NFT


    The Mindfull Dao

|13 May, 14:26 - 2022 |68

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THE Hypnagogia LORE


It was a dream ... But today its our mission!


As the World goes crazy in 2k22, 3333 elementar and spiritual Guardian emerged on the Solana Blockchain, the Hypnagogia Angels, to find the mindfull one among us. They know we, our generation have a lot of work to do if we want to ritch the dream of freedome in an as respectfull as technological advenced world! In the last decade Humanity creates new tools witch we can use to solve so mutch probleme!
The Guardian needs a strong community of enlighted strong holder before they trust us and reveal their Utility to the world.



Once the Guardian find 500 pure soul they will invoc for eatch Holder of the "Hypnagogia Guardian" their own "Spirit of Time". But for now we don't know exactly how powerfull those Spirits gonna be!
Be a hero and change, your world, our world, the world for a better place to live! Get your elemantar or spiritual Guardian and earn the Hypnagogia angel's trust.