Who are we & what do we do?

We are artists and spiritual beings collecting experiences as humans, we love life and we love to create and design. We are aimless adventurers who believe that the journey is the destination because for us, life is movement. We are knowledge-hungry, solution-oriented, crazy pirates who know that there is no above without a below, no love without hate. We feel like we are on an endless journey through the cosmos and strive to take other crazy people on our journey. The entire project began about 10 years ago with a simple idea: We wanted to inspire people to awaken their inner child so they can realize themselves, regardless of trends, fashion, and laws without breaking them. Until today, it has been a long journey crisscrossing Europe and full of experiences. Now, since November 2017, we have anchored at Hünxerstrasse 189 in Dinslaken and created a space for creativity and thought experiments. But life is just not as much fun alone as it is with a group of crazy and eternally young-at-heart people.

What we offer are various formats that are mostly offered free of charge. A long time ago, I think it was in 2009, I racked my brains about how I could offer projects or services without financially burdening people. I didn't want to work with people, but to feel an experience with a soul, without the stress of time and money. It took years to gain the necessary know-how to find harmony between my spirituality and modern technology. From programming websites to developing marketing strategies, I had to learn a lot and participate in many training courses to finally find a way to extract financial resources from the internet without burdening my fellow human beings. I would say I am a very patient person. I took a decade to create a universe that allows me to let the real world coexist with the digital world. I have long isolated myself from the rest of the world to concentratedly and focusedly acquire the necessary knowledge. Today, everything is almost ready to go, and I am excited to let you all be part of it. All these lonely years make me long to share unforgettable moments with you and travel with you into a world full of new experiences! Here below the introductory text you will find all the formats I have worked on in recent years that are just waiting for you!

Why do we have so many formats?

Inspire instead of Entertain

With us, at my-Redweb in general, you will always find the theme of art, whether in the musical field or other areas. However, I founded the Redweb Universe a decade ago for a completely different reason than entertainment, which art is often associated with. As a teenager, I often racked my brains over the injustices in this world and was inspired by artists in various ways (poetry, short stories, music, pictures, sculptures, and more) that there are alternative ways of viewing the world and that the one presented to us is not the only one. In all the formats offered below, we do not want to confuse the purpose with the means! The free formats we offer should exclusively serve a good purpose, and their execution should predominantly include artistic aspects. Art as a means of inspiration should thus be used to serve a good purpose.

A Spider Web (with) System

The quantity and diversity of our projects often confuse people. We see each project as an individual link of a giant, like the human body. For the body to function fully independently, it needs both a head and a pair of feet, even though the head looks completely different and has a completely different function than the foot! Since it is almost impossible in our modern world to achieve anything without financial means, we also offer paid services and products for the realization of private projects. However, the profits from these do not go into our own pockets but into the realization of our movement for a better world. We want to emphasize that our focus is on our goal of a better world so that you become aware that your participation in our projects is goal-oriented and serves the inspiration to create a mindful, nature-harmonious, and respectful future for our children and all future generations. We long to leave the world a positive legacy through our actions!

Living the Alternative

As mentioned above, I was inspired by artists to surpass myself, always be positively inclined towards people, and have a heart full of hope. I believe that through leading by example, inspiration, and charisma, it is easier to motivate people, for example, to lead a healthier lifestyle or to live mindfully towards nature and animals, than to try to persuade them, to lecture them, or to force them through laws and/or imposed rules! Are you a great person with great ideas? Do you believe in yourself and your ideology? Are you looking for a team that has the necessary know-how and provides you with the necessary equipment? Then at my-Redweb in Dinslaken, we might be your point of contact to realize your plans! We look forward to getting to know you and your worldview! Contact us, visit us, let's change the world together because nothing is impossible! Even Rome was not built in a day.

Control room


We offer you professional recordings of all kinds, whether singing or entire bands. We mix, master, and offer you professional marketing methods & tools for the distribution of your end product.

Redpiix Office


As part of the my-redWeb Universe, we stand for affordable productions with high quality.

Studio Hardware


For artists who are not within reach of our recording studio but have already recorded material that only needs finishing touches, the SB Studio offers the "Online Mixing" package.



Mixing and mastering is possible with the free "online mixing sample".
See for yourself - We bring out the best in your audio material.

Abstract Art

Welcome to the Red Planet!

It's nice that you have landed with us. Here you will find a lot about music, photography, and videography, but also about philosophy and ideology with little tips & tricks that have helped us and our friends in everyday life to lead a stress-free and healthier life. On our Facebook page you will always find the latest updates.
We are happy if we can inspire you, or accompany you with the variety of our art projects with enjoyment and relaxation in your day.

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