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Real freedom is Time


The Hypnagogia Project is a Community driven DAO witch offer the promise of enabling a focus on community rather than just profit. Hypnagogia is bulding a bridge between the real World and the blockchain Technologie by creating an ecosystem witch offer the holder a monthly stable revenue and implementing real world activitys to create the first IRL MMORPG by allowing the DAO members to create and achiev quests in the real world. The "Hypnagogia angels", elementar and spiritual guardians, comes to the Polygon blockchain Winter 2022.

What are the 4 step witch lead us to an long therm bridge between WEB3 and the real world allowing our holder to quit their dependency of the 9to5 system of modern slavery.

Building a strong community with the GEN0 Guardians NFT. Holders will vote for all future decision taking by the DAO.

The Guardians will as stronger they become, trought the community, invoke the Spirit of Time GEN1 NFTs a collection of 500 mystical digital beens witch offer their holder a Stable monthly revenue based on the power they accumulate in the past for a giving time choosen by the community.

While the Spirit of Time accumulate egnouth power to benefit their holders, a collection of 10,000 Muschroom will emerge in the eco system called the Pilzwharys. with them the Token $Spirit will be implemented in the Hypnagogia Eco system. By sending your Pilzwharys to the staking Hub they will mine $Spirit Token witch can be used to interact in the the Hypnagogia Ecosystem.

As soon as the Pilzwharys mine egnouth $Spirit the Guardians will invoke the Exobeens witch are the only creature born in the Web3 World who are able to unlock the book of Quest. The legend of the Guardian tells that this Digital Artefact has the power to connect the Body of their holder with the Exobeen to become an Augmented Super Human free from the causal chains of the ancient world.

Our Goal is to reward the holder of our GEN1 NFT with a stable monthly revenue and to meet eatchother IRL to take action where the world needs it. The Hypnagogia project stand for being a bridge between needs coming from the real world and the giving tools and solutions by the blockchain technologie. Let us be a strong community of Alphas who use modern technologie to enhance our Home Planet. We want to be more than a quick flip for paperhands, we will as community become the Hypnagogia movement who take Action for a better Future! Join US and let elevate ourselves!


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Dont invest in a PFP, be a part of a movment.

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   GEN 0    The Guardians

The Gen 0 will be the introduction of the Hypnagogia Project with no Utility and 3333 Hand made PFP.

We want to build a long terme connection with all Community Member.

   GEN 1    Spirits of time

A collection of 500 Hand made NFT with a DAO and staking for a stable monthly revenue.

   GEN 2    Pilzwharys

A collection of 10 000 Hand made NFT. Stake them to earn $SPIRIT token to interact with the Hypnagogia DAO and earn money.

   GEN 3    ExoBeen

A collection of 1000 Hand made NFT. Holder will be able to accept Quests from the Hynagogia DAO. As an holder you will be able to accept Quest from other Holders and Humanitarian aid in the real World. Eatch Quest will reward you with $SPIRIT tokens, Farm reputation, Level up your NFT to increase your Spirit of Time Power and skill up your real you instead of an Avatar of you.


May 2022 Create Website, Sneakpeak of GEN 0.

June 2022 DEV of the full Hypnagogia eco system.

Dezember 2022 send GEN 0 NFT to Artist of the Redweb Universe.

January 2023 Create Social media and starting Social promotion and marketing

Q1 2023 Building the Core Team



we want you to trust us

No need to Hide, we believe in what we do!

THE Hypnagogia LORE

It was a dream ... But today its our mission!

As the World goes crazy in 2k22, 3333 elementar and spiritual Guardian emerged on the Polygon Blockchain, the Hypnagogia Angels, to find the mindfull one among us. They know we, our generation have a lot of work to do if we want to ritch the dream of freedome in an as respectfull as technological advenced world! In the last decade Humanity creates new tools witch we can use to solve so mutch probleme!
The Guardian needs a strong community of enlighted strong holder before they trust us and reveal their Utility to the world.

Once the Guardian find 500 pure soul they will invoc for eatch Holder of the "Hypnagogia Guardian" their own "Spirit of Time". But for now we don't know exactly how powerfull those Spirits gonna be!
Be a hero and change, your world, our world, the world for a better place to live! Get your elemantar or spiritual Guardian and earn the Hypnagogia angel's trust.


we want you to trust us

About the Hypnagogia liquidity pool & the $SPIRIT tokenomic.

We trust in our project and want to profit from Hypnagogia equaly as you the Holders. We not gonna pay us as the founder/DEV/Marketing Team. We will as you will just hold our own NFT.


We gonna set the Artist ROI to 13% whitch we gonna splitt in 3 pools:
- 3% to pay bills all arround the Dev and Marketing sector;
- 5% will go in the Liquidity pool witch will backup our $SPIRIT token;
- 5% will go to the Time Pool witch will backup the stable monthly revenue;


The $SPIRIT Token will Drop with the GEN2. You will be able to stake your GEN0 & GEN2 NFT to earn $SPIRIT witch you can use to interract in the Hypnagogia ecosystem.

How to gain a monthly stable revenue?

We want to garantie our Community a Fair and equal system. To ensure that no one gain more than 1 monthly revenue, we need eatch one to dox himself to the team.

Achivement needed to get payed monthly

- Hold one GEN1 "Spirit of Time" NFT;
- Stack Your GEN1 NFT for minimum 3 month;
- Dox yourself to the team via a videocall;


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